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DESTINY STRINGS → application ♥

Out Of Character Information
Name: Berri | [[personal profile] frogberri]
Age: 22
Time zone: -4 GMT
Contact: Taiyakinonaku @ Plurk, Skype, AIM, Gmail
Anything we should know?: Love!

In Character Information
Name: Rika Furude
Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
Age: Aged to 16
Birthday & Astrology Sign: August 25 & Virgo
Arcana: Death

AU | Previous Game Backstory:
Rika will be game porting from the game [community profile] mayfield_rpg where she resided from a little after the game opened until its end. During this time she stayed in a 1950s American town called "Mayfield" and was forced to adopt a role in a family and neighborhood she has presumably lived in her whole life. Acting was not difficult for Rika and she quickly adapted to that side of the situation, learning what her drone family expected of her and doing what she could to not step on their toes.

All of this changed as she began to get more sentient family members. Her new family members were all in the same situation as she was (being trapped in Mayfield) and treated her very kindly. This was a relief, since Mayfield occasionally bombarded its trapped residents with horrifics events and surprises. For example, Rika learned quite quickly that the town's milk could not be trusted as it might kill you and her very first Mayfield event involved her being blackmailed into killing people for "spring cleaning" (she did not kill anyone).

During her downtime between events, Rika tried not to get too attached to her new family. She knew that the likeliness of meeting them in another kakera was likely a million to one, so did not wish to set Frederika up for that sort of disappointment. Unfortunately, her new parents got to her. Maya Fey and America were her first parents and did well looking after her. When Maya was replaced Rika continued to follow the hamburger recipes she had seen Maya practice. It was her next mother, Vietnam, that truly won Rika over. They bonded to the point that Rika did not try as hard to act around her and truly began thinking of her as a mother.

She was also able to make many friends in Mayfield and begin growing up. When she died in events her body did not reset to age 11, so she gradually aged beyond that. Rika also began learning of people in other worlds she suffered trials much like her own and began opening up about her secrets to very select and few people. For example, Edward Elric became as valuable as a brother to her and she came to trust him to advise her on her hardships. However, Rika's friendships were often cut short when her dear friends were permanently droned. She became afraid of making close ties with people who would leave and then come back forgetting her, so simply cut off all attempts to make new friends all together.
So it was in casual and cautious interacts that she also began meeting other 'witches' around town and gathering insight on her identity problem. In particular, she met Bernkastel and began learning about the cruel witch that would eventually spin off of her miserable soul. This alerted Rika to the danger of her world hopping, but most importantly highlighted her identity problem and concerns about who she was.

Her identity problem was another major thing for Rika to overcome. As Mayfield wore on she began to age and react to events that no other Furude Rika had had to endure. She did not know how to react "properly" to these things and would hide out in her room in order to avoid social interactions that would test how "Furude Rika" she was. This sealed her fate as an observer in the majority of Mayfield's happenings; Rika could not think of anything that Furude Rika could do in Mayfield. As more and more of her new beloved friends and family members came and went, Rika lost more and more of her spirit.

It took a canon update to Minagoroshi-hen for Rika to break out of this. Her canonmates, namely a post-series Keiichi Maebara, were able to further reassure Rika of the happy ending she would eventually reach back home. She became more motivated as a result. Events in Mayfield forced Rika to display more or her twisted personality and she found that her friends were actually accepting of all sides of her. As Mayfield came to a close it was revealed that everyone was a Data Copy of their original self. Rika at first hated this, but realized that being a Data Copy gave her complete control over her being. She was no longer defined by any previous Furude Rika and could grow up into whoever she wanted to be.

After escaping to A Better Place, that is exactly what Rika did. Mayfield was definitely a horror game, but Rika has been in a Better Place and is slowly unwinding. She still expects random events to occur every month and is cautious of milk products, but has otherwise had a chance to begin growing into "herself". A Better Place is Rika's home and she will honestly be a bit disappointed when taken from it.

AU | Previous Game Differences (List form):
→ She is a Data Clone. For game transplant purposes she will be humanized, but the point is that she not the "original" Furude Rika, but that girl's memories.
→ She has aged passed 11. She aged up to be 16 years old and has matured physically as well (Kind of. She grew up "poorly")
→ When she learned to use the Post Office she returned her Queen Carrier Status, mostly eliminating the Hinamizawa Syndrome from her life.
→ She has spent a long time in the 1950s and is more in tune to their fashion sense and technology now.

Canon Standing: Minagoroshi-hen

Furude Rika is one complicated little girl. On the outside, she's a cheerful and polite child who, while definitely having a devious side, is kind and nurturing to her friends. However, on the inside, she's sarcastic, depressed and more adult-like than most of her friends. But it's a bit more than just the standard "mature child" personality. Rika, or "Frederica" as she is sometimes called, holds the memories of many other lives, where she has died: now including her life lived in Mayfield.

The cheerful Rika is often referred to as "Furude Rika". She is the untainted little girl who has no idea that her death is approaching. She is a bit devious-- assisting Satoko as she tries to play cruel tricks on Keiichi-- and is willing to cheat in order to win when participating in the Games Club games. "Furude Rika" is a bit spoiled by the Villagers, who all respect her as "The Reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama", and it is noted that she does not use honorifics on the names of others, even those older than her. However, she is still respectful enough to use last names rather than first names on adults, but will call her friends by their first names. She also speaks in a slightly formal and mature manner. In the Rei anime, Rika notes that the Furude Rika she is replacing was a spoiled princess who allowed boys to flock around her cuteness and used them as nessecary.

Characters often mention that Rika is “cute”: Rena in particular always wants to take her home. Rika is also noted as being quiet. She’s more of an observer than the other members of her school’s “Games Club”. When her friends are sad or in trouble, Rika is the one who goes and pets their head and quietly tries to cheer them up. In the first drama CDs, Rika is originally portrayed as being monotoned, further highlighting that she is meant to be the quiet observing type who keeps her emotions in check. While she is still a very cheerful girl, Rika keeps her emotions appropriate for the situation.

But this playful, naive, and optimistic Furude Rika does not last long.
When Furude Rika is killed, her ancestor and friend Furude Hanyuu collects all of her memories and puts them in the Furude Rika of another world. At this point, the naive Furude Rika "dies" and is replaced with the combination of all of the Furude Rikas before, who refers to herself as "Frederica Bernkastel".

Frederica is emo. It's probably expected, isn't it? She remembers dying dozens of times before that moment, and knows that no matter how hard she's tried to fight her fate of "dying" she will eventually be killed anyway. She has a mild identity crisis, no longer seeing herself as "Furude Rika" because she is so tainted by her previous lives and therefore creating the identity "Frederica Bernkastel" to hide behind.

But Rika isn’t the type to sit around and sulk... all the time. She has a bad habit of raising her hopes and then having them dashed. In one of her poems, she compares this to trying to climb out of a well. The higher she climbs, the harder she falls. Rika will occasionally have a burst of inspiration where she tries her hardest to fight back. In Meakeshi-hen, this is highlighted by an instance where Rika tries to fight Shion and give her medication. But after Rika fails a few times, her spirits will be dashed for a while. She is shown to be an alcoholic and will drown her sorrows talking poetically to Hanyuu in the moonlight. When she gets in these slumps, Rika will either watch silently and not care (she does this mainly in Tatarigoroshi-hen) or try to help in very small ways (she tells Keiichi to be careful with Satoshi’s bat in Onikakushi-hen and gives him “kitty advice” in Watanagashi-hen).

On the note of her silent advice, Rika is (as mentioned) poetic. She tends to fluff up her warnings with cutesy metaphors. For example, she refers to Shion and Keiichi sneaking into the store shrine as “naughty kitties”. She is also capable of poetic statements and being incredibly cyptic; Frederica Bernkastel is originally known only for writing poems in the novel.

The cycle of death also deeply influences Rika’s psychology in very disturbing sorts of ways. One is quite obvious; Rika is used to dying and then just starting her life over. With such a trait in mind, Rika has developed a twisted view on death in general. When she refers to her death, she refers to it as “getting passed this cursed month of June”. Rika does not view death as an ending in the story, but as a dead end in the maze. After all, she practically gets reborn in a new world; set up in the past with a new body and her memories in tact, so that she may try again. This results in Rika using death. In Meakeshi-hen, Rika commits suicide in order to avoid having to put up with Shion’s plans for torture, which is her first instance of using suicide to escape a world she doesn’t like. Rika nearly does it again in Minagorashi-hen; after deciding she can’t save Satoko, Rika grabs a knife and prepares to stab her throat in order to die and go to a world where Satoko is happy again.
This idea of escaping reality through death is also a reason why Rika sometimes things of herself as “a witch traveling between worlds”. She often makes the distinction between Rika the human and Frederica the witch, further supporting her personality crisis.
This psychology also applies to her friends. When they die, Rika assures herself that she will "see them again (in the next world)". Though, she would never try to kill her friends in order to reset a world (it doesn't work that way and she knows it). However, this does prove that her skewed view on death applies ever so slightly to people other than herself.

Mayfield's influence makes its first show in her personality here: Rika has seen many other people die, repetitively, while remembering it in Mayfield. However, she has managed to keep herself out of death's limelight for quite some time. She now recognizes that death isn't an escape route, at least not for other people, as she's watched people she loves and cares about lose their spirit after being stuck in the cycle. Rika has also been able to go long stretches of time without dying, so is not as emotionally numb to being killed as she used to be. She is more likely to take care of her body and at least try to cut some old habits, particularly her drinking habits.

Another grim result of the cycle of death is Rika’s boredom and habit of recognizing patterns. She always knows what is going to happen next in a world because she has been through the world before and remembers what happens. Rika is very skilled in noticing patterns as a result.

This bores her.

In Minagorashi-hen, she mentions that the games the club plays are far less exciting since she’s played them before and is bored with them. She also lets herself get trapped in the loop. Rika knows things are boring to her because they repeat, yet she's too tired to always realize she could change things and make them fun again. It takes a lot of inspiration from Keiichi in Minagorashi-hen for Rika to realize she doesn’t have to be controlled by the loop called “Fate”. Rika has now gone through the entire Minagoroshi-hen world and is more likely to put forth an effort to change things, but that doesn't mean she won't sometimes get trapped by her old thinking patterns.
One again, Mayfield has influenced this morbid characteristic. Though the events in Mayfield would sometimes be repetitive (Father's Day, Mother's Day, and knowing things would happen on holidays), Rika has spent over three years in a not-so-repetitive environment. She is not as bored as she used to be and has gotten better at adjusting to unexpected occurrences. This does not mean that she is not somewhat bored, as daily life in Mayfield still got repetitive after a few years and patterns still existed, but Rika is now more honestly cheerful because she could not predict everything that came at her.

"Dark Rika" also has some gags with her.
For one, she’s Hinamizawa’s greatest pervert. Or so she claims. Rika is shown in many gag comics to be a bit of a pervert. In a special clip for the Kai anime, she randomly gropes Mion. And on the back of the Himatsubushi-hen manga, she spies on Akasaka while he’s in a hot spring. At the end of one Kai episode, Rika even declares herself Hinamizawa's greatest pervert.
Along with being a bit of a pervert, she’s prone to teasing. Especially Hanyuu. Rika torments Hanyuu playfully in all forms of presenting the story. She likes to be a bit of a bully, but has to be careful about who she bullies and how she does it. Because after all;

Rika’s life is a huge act.
The dark personality and cute personality tie together into an act.
Rika realizes that if she suddenly started acting “her age” then her friends would be alarmed. She is, after all, hundreds of years old mentally and her cute child personality has been tainted by the memories she holds. So she pretends to be Furude Rika. She pretends that she is the same Rika as before. Rika keeps a smile and acts happy around her friends, all in an effort not to worry them. Because Rika doesn’t want them to get involved.
It’s implied that maybe, at some point, perhaps she tried. She tried to get Akasaka to come back to Hinamizawa and prevent her death, but he didn’t come. The fact she knows to hide Satoko in Takusamashi-hen suggests that Satoko has gotten hurt in the past because of Rika’s murder. Rika has become quite independent and doesn’t do much to help herself. She doesn’t want anyone to worry. And she doesn’t want her friends to realize that she’s so tainted. Deep down, she worries that she isn’t the girl they think they’re friends with, and she doesn’t want to give them any reason not to treat her like a friend.

But, even if Rika considers her happy self an act and has those identity problems, she is still that cute kid. Deep down, Rika is still a fun loving girl. When she’s with her friends and having fun, smiling, caring, and enjoying the moment... that’s all real. Rika just doesn’t realize it. She has a bunch of issues, but she is still a child at the core. Her knowledge only ever went to age 12 before she was whisked off to Mayfield.

Mayfield has also given Rika a few personality quirks, related to her being in America and growing into a teenager. For example, she highly dislikes hamburgers after having them forced upon her for so long. She will know her 1950s American History (she completed her first year of American high school) and have an understanding of 1950s gender roles, though by no means does Rika seriously want to follow them. When in Mayfield, Rika also adopted a defense mechanism similar to her typical "Rika Furude" personality: She would pretend to be a drone. Out of habit, Rika may occasionally return to acting like a drone in Animus. This means being overly cheerful, obnoxiously happy about everything, and stupidly agreeable. And though it's been a struggle, she has kicked most of her alcoholic habits and learned to take care of her one body, rather than letting it waste away since "she'll just end up dead again anyway."

Rika also grew into a teenager while she was in Mayfield. This is a very big deal for her, since Rika had to restart her life before turning thirteen up until then. She is noted in canon for wanting to grow up and frequently mentioning how she wants to be a good wife, and portrayed as having boob envy (increased boob size was something she looked forward). So I will start this part of her personality by stating that Rika has not gotten the bust she desired. To help cope with how most of her icons make her look young, this aged Rika is assumed to have grown up very poorly and retained her childish figure. She's upset about that.
Further more, Rika does not know how to be a teenager. To say she is an "awkward teenager" would be an understatement. While Mayfield offers slice-of-life, it did not foster a good growing up mentality. Rika continues to act childish at times because it's all she knows how to do. Furude Rika never became a teenager and she wants to stay herself, so Rika has no idea how to act as a teenage Furude Rika. Her identity crisis causes her to fall back into the patterns and acting she established for being Furude Rika the child. So while she can still seem wise beyond her years at times, Rika is still likely to be perceived as very immature in some situations. Not because she can't be mature, but because she doesn't know where to draw the line.

And she has verbal tics, which she will continue to use due to them being a habit. She often makes kitty noises ("mii~" "myao~") and says "Nipa~h" (Smi~le) on occasions, usually when she's happy or to cover up an instance where she get her "mask" slip. She also ends her sentences in "nano desu", which basically means "that is so". In the English adaptions, this has been replaced with "Yeah" and "Sir". In the case of my Rika, I replace "Nano desu" with anything that reconfirms a previous statement ("That's what I think, that is", "That would be a foolish move, for sure") . Whenever possible, I avoid using "nano desu" in English-based RP and will instead go for an English equal.
She also throws sound effects into her speech when she's trying to sound cute. Instead of say "A cat fell down" she might say "A nya nya kitty fell down bang!".

Key Personality Differences:
→ She is a "Data Clone" of the original Furude Rika; she has begun actively resolving her identity crisis in relation to this.
→ She is used to being in places with "monthly events".
→ She is used to a lifestyle where you come back after death, though A Better Place is forcing her to abandon that thought pattern. This is a Work in Progress for her.
→ She is older and beginning to develop a unique "Mayfield Rika" personality. For the most part this means cautiously admitting to her perverted tendencies and sarcastic personality, but also developing a unique interest in fashion, make-up, and cooking.
→ Rika continues to identify as a Japanese Citizen, but will also claim American Citizenship. This is part of her identity crisis.
→ She will show a preference towards 1950s things now that she is stuck there. For example, she is now willing to admit to liking the 1950s way of dressing and will prefer to continue dressing that way. Her canon took place in the 1980s, so the new technology will be quite the shock to her.
→ Finally, Rika is beginning to correct her old Death&Rebirth witch-y mindset. She recognizes it is a wrong and bad habit, and honestly wants to change.

Canon Powers:

Canon Weapons|Items:
Ceremonial Hoe | Physical | Not really a "weapon", but she used it as such a few times in Mayfield.

Canon Allies:

Canon Baggage:
: School Uniform
: Bernkastel Wine (crate full)
: Ceremonial Hoe
: Maid Outfit
: Miko Outfit
: Bicycle
: Board Games




►  Healing Wave ( Recover a small amount of life after battle. All allies.
►  Basic Analysis ( Reveals an target's personas.)
►  Relaxing Wave ( Recover a small amount of magic after battle. All allies.
►  Distraction ( Allows allies are escape from battle successfully by distracting the enemy.)
▷  CommLink ( Allows the user to communicate telepathically with other Persona users that they know.)
▷  Media (Recovers a small amount of HP to all allies. )
▷  Patra (Recover from Fear, Confusion, Charm, Egoism and Rage. One Ally.)
▷  Regenerate (5% total HP is restored at every turn (healing out of a battle takes about 6 hours for normal wounds.))
★   Rewind (A small percent chance of Rika recovering from being knocked out in a battle. )

►  Holy Arrow (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage to one enemy with a 10% chance of inflicting the Charm ailment. )
▷  Kouha (Inflicts a small amount of Light damage on one enemy.)
▷  Mahama (20% chance of instant KO from the power of Light on all enemies.)

Writing Sample
I played Rika in [community profile] mayfield_rpg until 2013. Here is a sample entry from Mayfield. I also played her in [community profile] towerofanimus using her Mayfield imported memories. Here is her Animus character tag and a log of her in Animus.

Let me know if you would like more!